wiki for collaborators

Here we explore what it takes for wiki to become widely used by people who need to collaborate, distributed across diverse locations, in producing, mobilising and stewarding radical understandings and practical capabilities, as distinct from (but mobilising) radical capabilities in code.

Why 'viralwiki' in the url of this wiki? One way of casting the core challenge is to ask what it may take for wiki to 'go viral'. Better (avoiding that fashion/follower/consumer aesthetic): become ubiquitous, very widely useful. Better still: vernacular. See Vernacular capability

Stack of code? Stack of commons 🤨

Among other things we'll need to explore - commons of running code - relationships of folks who develop, folks who maintain and folks who 'just use', in truly plural ways. This includes the matter of wiki-farm hosting. See Commons of running code - commons of digital media - notably relationships with-and-around media See Relationships with media - commons of radical capability aka labour power of collaborative making. See: Shared learning space aka commons See Radical relations of production in the dance of knowing

The experience of being in wiki

The experience of being, in wiki. The experience of, being in wiki. - kinds of difficulty many people find with navigating in hypertext. See Hyperspatial vision - To be added xxx - reasons why wikipedia became hegemonic as a digital cultural commons. See: Benjamin Mako Hill 2013, *Almost wikipedia* pdf Also here pdf - complementary/synergistic channels of collaboration within an ecosystem of tools. See wiki as affordances in trinity-space See Extended trinity - Podding - a defining genre in wiki culture - protocols of collaborative work aka commoning - notably, steward/registrar roles. See The registrar and the canonical wiki - To be added xxx Meanwhile, see: Wiki events, commons events and the registrar

Killer plugin?

For wiki to 'go viral' . . what will the Killer plugin be? killer content?

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