Relationships with media

Here we stand well back from 'tools' in approaching shared learning space, and focus on the kinds of relationships - and thus the kinds of practice - that we might want to cultivate around infrastructures of media and tools.

At the beginning of the discussion there was some idea that there was 'a repo' of digital media, and some (digital) tools that enabled collaborative production - of understandings, of skills - with and around those tools. See slide below.

The slide is intended to highlight differing modes of ‘learning’, with varying dynamics, and various relationships with assemblages of media . . • individual and collective • exploratory and authoritative • pedagogy and 'peergogy'.

Standing well back from tools

Differing modes call for ‘learning spaces’ that are not only **mobilised** in distinct ways, but perhaps also are **furnished in different ways**? Consider the following, developed from the slide . . - Delivery - 'Open learning' - Evolving personal vision - Federation for consensus - Federation for capability in transformative action - Formaciòn