Killer plugin

For wiki to 'go viral', what will the 'killer plugin' be?

Will it be content? A topic or issue of universal excitement, in which everyone feels they must contribute? Absolutely not.

Attracting **readers** is not what wiki is for. And specialisation of writing - podding - seems to be deep in the grain of wiki? So, not viral content.

Viral plugins then? Wonderful plugins. Or perhaps **configured plugins** - Graphviz map formats, spreadsheet-like lineup-processing functions, scraping and analytic functions.

If wiki can display a woindeful reptoire of tools for custom-handling the content of 'this' wiki - and bringing custom arrays of 'out-there' domesticated feed into the lineup - isn't THAT what will make (enough) folks excited, to make wiki become vernacular, and to create a new generation of wiki writer-sharers?

This is the 'commonplace book' and the lab notebook, brought into the 21st century? Coupled with the blog and other social media? But among communities of people 'seriously' engaged with how the world **actually** is, and actually might be engaged with and **remade**.

Thus, not 'viral', but ubiquitous, vernacular. **Used**. Put-to-work. A basic medium of commons capability.