Radical relations of production in the dance of knowing

In considering collbaoration in the production of radical understandings and capabilities, here we visit some historical, evolved relations of production in the landscape of knowing.

The slide below aims to highlight historical discoveries across 250 years, of social relations in the production of movement capability.

Relations of production in knowing - evolving & cultivated across generations

These afford us today a repertoire of relationships **to build into radical forms of cultural practice**: • free association • organic intellectual practice • facilitation • participatory design of infrastructure • 'modern commoning'.

If we design and evaluate our forms of communication and interaction thro the extent to which they instantiate these relations of production, this intrinsically will build **capability in transformative practice**? aka formaciòn.

> Be aware, builders at work! More to be added xxx Meanwhile, see . .

Here we outline a series of emergent relations of cultural production, over a couple of hundred years. Making a living economy needs to discover how to systematically mobilise all of these, in a radically altered mode of cultural production: a practice of radical knowing.